Best of the Season Package- Late Winter Edition

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Best of Feb 2019.png

Best of the Season Package- Late Winter Edition

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We are so excited about our new Best of the Season package!

See below for all the wonderful winter wines we’ve included!

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2017 ‘Farmhouse’ Cider- The last of our first ever cider available now! Made in a ‘farmhouse’ style, which is to say that it is flat, dry and unfiltered giving amazing texture.

2016 Chardonnay 'Victoria Block'- barrel-aged to perfection, this Chardonnay has classic lemon & pear notes but with a twist. Beautiful nutty and spicy aromas compliment the fresh fruit notes perfectly. This wine has never shown better than it does today! 

Spiced White- made with a cold infusion of cinnamon, cardamom, star anise and clove, this is the ultimately winter wine. Awesome served warm like a mulled wine or room temperature or even over ice as a cocktail.

2016 Pinot Noir- This is one of our favourite Pinot Noirs we have ever made! Classic County profile of sour cherry, herbs, and spice. 

2015 Gamay Noir- gamay is a golden child at the Grange! Always juicy and delicious. Raspberry notes are wrapped in herbal undertones and the result is a marvellously food friendly wine.

Cabernet Franc- Our most popular red, cabernet franc has that classic fuller body that is perfect in the cooler seasons. Notes of blackberry, plum and black cherry reign with a smoky finish and a beautiful velvet-y texture.