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2018 Vintage Report

We look back to November 2017 to see the starts of the 2018 vintage.

Winter 17/18 came in hard and fast with temperatures in the -20s by mid November. Things stayed quite cold throughout the winter, with some but not excessive snow cover.

Spring came late in 2018 with bud burst pushing out into mid May. A blessing in some ways as there was a frost threat which we missed on May 10th.

Beautiful weather started in May and continued through July. Though winter damage became clear at flowering in June, it looked as though we would have a small but mighty crop this season. Hot and dry weather through June and July made for a promising year.

We ran our vineyard 100% organically in 2018- focusing on building healthy nutrient levels in the vines and using minimally aggressive protection against mildew.

Our challenges began in August. While the weather looked bright and clear the humidity was quite intense and hard on the vines and the fruit. Mildew thrives in heat + humidity and we saw this in the vineyards.

While our techniques did protect most of the fruit it wasn’t 100% effective and so a small crop was made a little smaller.

Challenges continued through harvest while we dodged heat waves and rain storms. But ultimately finished harvest on October 14th.

The results? One of the most unique harvests of our many years on this farm. From beautiful sparkling base and gamay rosé, to a truly unique Almanac blend, a rare sauvignon blanc harvest & an intensely spicy riesling- these wines stand out amongst the years past. We look forward to showcasing them soon.

We at the Grange truly believe that there are no bad vintages- only bad winemakers. If you can’t go out into your vineyards and find something beautiful to make, you are holding your terroir back. There is always something unique to be offered in the fields- you just have to listen well to the land and find it!